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postgresql84-devel - PostgreSQL development header files and libraries

Website: http://www.postgresql.org/
License: PostgreSQL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The postgresql-devel package contains the header files and libraries
needed to compile C or C++ applications which will directly interact
with a PostgreSQL database management server and the ecpg Embedded C
Postgres preprocessor. You need to install this package if you want to
develop applications which will interact with a PostgreSQL server.


postgresql84-devel-8.4.11-1.el5_8.i386 [1.4 MiB] Changelog by Tom Lane (2012-04-12):
- Update to PostgreSQL 8.4.11, for various fixes described at
  including the fixes for CVE-2012-0866, CVE-2012-0867, CVE-2012-0868
Resolves: #812077

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