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xmldb-api-sdk - SDK for xmldb-api

Website: http://xmldb-org.sourceforge.net
License: BSD
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The reference implementation provides a very simple file system based
implementation of the XML:DB API. This provides what is basically a very
simple native XML database that uses directories to represent collections and
just stores the XML in files.

The driver development kit provides a set of base classes that can be
extended to simplify and speed the development of XML:DB API drivers. These
classes are used to provide the basis for the reference implementation and
therefore a simple example of how a driver can be implemented. Using the SDK
classes significantly reduces the amount of code that must be written to
create a new driver.

Along with the SDK base classes the SDK also contains a set of jUnit test
cases that can be used to help validate the driver while it is being
developed. The test cases are still in development but there are enough tests
currently to be useful.


xmldb-api-sdk-0.1-0.4.20011111cvs.1.5.el6.noarch [26 KiB] Changelog by Deepak Bhole (2010-01-27):
- Disable AOT bits

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