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freeradius-perl - Perl support for freeradius

License: GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
This plugin provides the Perl support for the FreeRADIUS server project.


freeradius-perl-2.2.6-7.el6_9.x86_64 [54 KiB] Changelog by Nikolai Kondrashov (2017-07-11):
- Resolves: Bug#1469115 CVE-2017-10979 freeradius: Out-of-bounds write in
- Resolves: Bug#1469118 CVE-2017-10978 freeradius: Out-of-bounds read/write
                        due to improper output buffer size check in make_secret()
- Resolves: Bug#1469120 CVE-2017-10980 freeradius: Memory leak in decode_tlv() 
- Resolves: Bug#1469122 CVE-2017-10981 freeradius: Memory leak in
- Resolves: Bug#1469124 CVE-2017-10982 freeradius: Out-of-bounds read in
- Resolves: Bug#1469126 CVE-2017-10983 freeradius: Out-of-bounds read in
                        fr_dhcp_decode() when decoding option 63
freeradius-perl-2.2.6-4.el6.x86_64 [53 KiB] Changelog by Nikolai Kondrashov (2015-02-12):
- Move OpenSSL init out of version check
  Resolves: Bug#1189394 radiusd segfaults after update
- Comment-out ippool-dhcp.conf inclusion
  Resolves: Bug#1189386 radiusd fails to start after 'clean' installation
freeradius-perl-2.1.12-4.el6_3.x86_64 [50 KiB] Changelog by John Dennis (2012-09-24):
- resolves: bug#855316
  CVE-2012-3547 freeradius: Stack-based buffer overflow by processing
  certain expiration date fields of a certificate during x509 certificate

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