perl-Sys-Guestfs - Perl bindings for libguestfs (Sys::Guestfs)

License: LGPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
perl-Sys-Guestfs contains Perl bindings for libguestfs (Sys::Guestfs).


perl-Sys-Guestfs-1.20.11-20.el6.x86_64 [367 KiB] Changelog by Pino Toscano (2016-10-26):
- inspection: fix detection of /usr in separate partition
  resolves: rhbz#1388407
perl-Sys-Guestfs-1.20.11-2.el6.x86_64 [361 KiB] Changelog by Richard W.M. Jones (2013-10-16):
- Fix CVE-2013-4419: insecure temporary directory handling for
  guestfish's network socket
  resolves: rhbz#1019737
perl-Sys-Guestfs-1.16.34-2.el6.x86_64 [306 KiB] Changelog by Richard W.M. Jones (2012-12-06):
- Bump and rebuild to fix RHBZ#883559.
perl-Sys-Guestfs-1.16.19-1.el6.x86_64 [300 KiB] Changelog by Richard W.M. Jones (2012-04-18):
- Rebase to libguestfs 1.16.19
  resolves: rhbz#719879
- Rebuild against augeas 0.9.0-3.el6
  related: rhbz#808662
- Fix: Don't abort inspection if mdadm.conf ARRAY doesn't have a uuid.
- Switch back to git for patch management.

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