Misc Scientific Linux Fermi Packages

zz_local_dns_cache - This package configures a host do local dns caching with bind

Website: http://fermilinux.fnal.gov/
License: GPL
Vendor: Fermilab
Installing this package will reconfigure named to run as a caching nameserver which will only allow connections from localhost. Your /etc/resolv.conf will be modified to call on localhost as primary nameserver.  The dhclient process will be configured to use this nameserver, if present.  Network Manager will be configured to use this nameserver, if present.

You should consider customizing the DNS server search list provided.  When removed you will be restored to using and as SLF is used both on and off site.  If this is not what you want, you will need to customize these.

This package should work on SLF5 and SLF6.

NOTE: it disables dnsmasq to prevent conflicts, if you need dnsmasq do not install this package


zz_local_dns_cache-3-1.2.noarch [22 KiB] Changelog by Pat Riehecky (2012-08-10):
- nscd process searches now seach by process ownership.
- resolv.conf settings are more accuratly preserved.

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