system environment/base

ipa-server - The IPA authentication server

License: GPLv3+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
IPA is an integrated solution to provide centrally managed Identity (machine,
user, virtual machines, groups, authentication credentials), Policy
(configuration settings, access control information) and Audit (events,
logs, analysis thereof). If you are installing an IPA server you need
to install this package (in other words, most people should NOT install
this package).


ipa-server-3.0.0-50.el6_8.2.x86_64 [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Jan Cholasta (2016-08-22):
- Resolves: #1351593 CVE-2016-5404 ipa: Insufficient privileges check in
  certificate revocation
  - cert-revoke: fix permission check bypass (CVE-2016-5404)
ipa-server-3.0.0-47.el6_7.2.x86_64 [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Alexander Bokovoy (2016-04-06):
- Update IPA code to support Samba 4.2
- Related: #1322688
ipa-server-3.0.0-47.el6.x86_64 [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Petr Vobornik (2015-05-13):
- Resolves: #1220788 - Some IPA schema files are not RFC 4512 compliant

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