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krb5-fermi-getcert - Convert a kerberos ticket to X.509 certificate

License: GPL
This script and corresponding utilities will try to get an X.509 certficate from
the FNAL KCA and convert it into a pkcs12 file
then attempt to auto-import it into Mozilla &
FireFox if possible


krb5-fermi-getcert-2.2-1.slf6.i386 [26 KiB] Changelog by Frank Nagy (2015-08-31):
- Updated to get-cert v3.4 by replacing "ps -ef" with "ps ux" so
- "Is Firefox running" test works on multiuser systems where other
- users might be running Firefox.  Replaced certutil/pk12util with
- scripts (unused) but modified to user certutil/pk12util
- from /usr/bin/ and added dependence on nss-tools package

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