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openafs-plumbing-tools - OpenAFS Additional Debugging Utilities

License: IBM Public License
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The AFS distributed filesystem.  AFS is a distributed filesystem
allowing cross-platform sharing of files among multiple computers.
Facilities are provided for access control, authentication, backup and
administrative management.

This package provides additional tools useful for understanding and
debugging the client and server. It is completely optional.


openafs-plumbing-tools-1.6.14-218.sl6.x86_64 [1.4 MiB] Changelog by Stephan Wiesand (2015-08-13):
- update to release 1.6.14
- fixes a 1.6.13 regression in vlserver when volumes are queried by regex
- the "backup" util does this, unless vols are specified with ".*" or "" only

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